BidFun Rules

What is BidFun?

Users are able to browse and bid on special products from $0, across our different categories.

Create an account for free

Find something you like

Make sure enough money in the BidFun wallet

90s Bidding
Place the top bid

TickShop will ship the product to the winner👑

Other participants can earn rewards💰

With our secure platform, buyers can also follow their favourite auctions, get notice before bidding start, and have full transparency on the number of bids and latest bidding amount.

How to earn BidFun Rewards?

What is BidFun?

Before you bidding, make sure you have signed up and have enough money in your BidFun Wallet.

You have to be signed in to place a bid. You can check the top right-hand corner of your screen to see if you are signed in; the page should show your username there.

Top up BidFun wallet

You also have to top up your BidFun wallet before bidding. If you are the winner, money will directly pay from your BidFun wallet.

Users can go to My account – My BidFun wallet to top up.

Attend Bidding

When the auction start, users can place the bid in 90s. Make sure you place the bid successfully, if you are not the winner, don’t worry, you will receive rewards in stead!

You can go to My account – My BidFun wallet – My BidFun rewards to check your rewards history.

What can BidFun Rewards use for?

You can withdraw your BidFun Rewards, or use them for future biddings.

Can I withdraw my BidFun Rewards?

Yes! you can withdraw from My account – My BidFun wallet – My BidFun rewards.

The Withdraw minimum amount is $100.

Can I refund an object I have offered for auction?

If your request a refund from a successful BidFun order, 20% service fee will be charged.