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Smart Electric Sofa Chair With Voice Control


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The seat has a built-in WiFi module and AI voice assistant, you can set the wake-up word by connecting the seat via Bluetooth on your phone. Through a simple dialogue with the AI voice assistant, you can conveniently set the seat angle, lighting effects, rotation mode and other functions such as weather inquiry and internet search.

  • Stepless seat adjustment

With the physical buttons on the side of the seat, you can adjust the backrest, armrests and footrest independently, and the seat can be adjusted steplessly from 107° to 132° to suit all occasions.In addition, you can use the AI voice assistant to quickly switch among the four preset modes through the keywords “sleep mode”, “movie mode”, “game mode” and “work mode” to achieve the best use effect.

  • A chair engage with you

The metal rocking system underneath creates a natural vibrating movement back and forth, gently shaking your stress off. swiveling mechanism gives the sitter choices of adjusting the chair to any angles.

  • Strong and sturdy

This stylish sofa chair is made of steel frame, which has a 500-pound weight limit. Accommodates up to 2 people, so you and your family can enjoy meaningful conversations on it and enhance your closeness with your family.

  • 67” long lying space

The recliner provides a 30-degree tilting range. Lifting the flap of the handle to flatten the seat with the foot stool sticking out, the sitter extends a gentle touch from head to toe.

  • Convenient storage drawer

A 39-centimeter-deep drawer inserted in the armchair offered large storage room. On one side of the armrest, a phone holder with gooseneck coil can be manipulated into any angle you want.

  • Ultimate comfort

High quality goose feather padding gives you a better fit and soft support, gently rock 30° back and forth to give your body a break and let your mind fly a little farther. 360° rotating base allows you to look around without getting up frequently.

  • Surround stereo and ambient lighting. Music is a must when lounging on the chair. A bluetooth speaker attached to the chair makes reading time better.

Built-in high-quality HIFI bluetooth speaker, after connecting to Bluetooth or the USB port of the sofa, the voice of the mobile phone can be output through three Bluetooth speakers around the sofa, providing you with a shocking surround sound effect. The bottom ring ambient light can act as illumination and flash according to the volume level or rhythm of the speaker.

  • Sturdy phone holder

The 360° arbitrary adjustment angle mobile phone stand equipped with the sofa can let you free your hands when using the mobile phone.The stand is 43 inches long, supports arbitrary bending and adjusting the angle, very stable will not be shaken.

  • Our coating technique prevents accidental harm to recliner surface, leading to low-maintenance requirements. 

The surface of the sofa is covered with flame retardant technical fabric, which can effectively prevent scratches and leave marks. So you won’t need to buy another sofa chair for the next decade or so.

  • Ergonomic design

Six gears adjustable armrests, width can be relied on at will.

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